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Their Testimonials

Brian Scrone is a successful, authentic and inspiring businessman who truly walks the talk! If you are wanting to create real wealth and life on your own terms we couldn't recommend working with him more.

Rich & Kathy Fettke, Co-Founders Real Worth Network

I’ve had nothing but a wonderful experience working with the Holistic REI team. I bought one property over a year ago. They completed the new construction work on time and more importantly it has performed better than expected on a cashflow basis.  I have subsequently bought other properties from them with similar expectations. The team is very buttoned up and they know their business cold. I can recommend them without reservation.

Daniel G.

We have bought about 10 properties through Brian and have been very happy with both the process and the financial results. I recommend him without reservation!

Elena K.

I have had a very positive experience with Brian and the property management company that works with him. I own 3 properties that are very nicely cash-flowing.

Tony G.

Dentistry is an all consuming profession. We take hundreds of hours of continuing education and have to be the CEO,CFO, and HR person all wrapped up into one. It is extremely difficult to find time to even think about, much less manage,our investments. And this is even more critical in today’s uncertain stock market. Finding good investments with integrity is extremely difficult. We are often the targets of unscrupulous “investment advisors.”

I have been extremely fortunate to have found Holistic REI and develop an investment strategy that works for us in both the short run and the long term. We always wanted to get into real estate investing but didn’t have a clue how to do it. In today’s real estate market everyone has an angle on flips, foreclosures, short sales and rental properties. It’s amazingly confusing. The people at Holistic REI demystify the process, both in their educational programs and their investment protocols.

I have never been happier with my investment direction. They have provided me with the knowledge and power to make my own decisions and to work with a team that has my best interests in mind. I cannot recommend them more highly. Thanks Holistic REI for making my future brighter than I could have imagined!

Dr. Glen Knock


Brian speaks at my SimpleWealth real estate training events every year, and he is always a crowd favorite. He has a great story and since he's personally bought hundreds of investment properties in his career, he knows real estate investing as good as anyone!

Another important thing is that he's known for his wealth of knowledge and honesty, and his willingness to share and help others. His track record speaks for itself. Not only has he become a good friend of mine, but he's also part of my personal mastermind group, where I turn for insight and feedback on my own investment activities.

I would highly recommend him for any investor looking to excel, and to learn from guys who really have been there, done that.

Greg Habstritt

Owner & President, Real Equity Group, Inc.

As the executive director of the Jacksonville Real Estate Investors’ Association (JaxREIA), I get the opportunity to work with some of the top real estate investors in the North Florida.

Brian Scrone is an accomplished investor who is always willing to share his knowledge and experience to help others. He is not only a corporate sponsor of our organization but often volunteers his time and teach the strategies he practices. Every time he is scheduled to speak, the room is full with both new and seasoned investors. Brian’s last talk on understanding the Property Cycles was so well received by the group that we’ve asked him to come back and give the presentation again. 

Kristina Obenza

Executive Director, Jacksonville Real Estate Investors’ Association (JaxREIA)

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Brian Scrone of Holistic REIs for over five years. He has allowed me to acquire a profitable multi-million dollar real estate portfolio and given me the ability, with his assistance, to remotely manage and monitor this portfolio successfully.

Having spent 10 years with a Fortune 10 Company I can honestly attest to their thoroughness, professionalism, and above all integrity in all of our transactions. He has put metrics and measurement tools in place to allow an investor to confidently work with them from anywhere on the globe.

Brendan Gaffney

Marketing Manager, Hershey's Chocolate Company

I have known Brian Scrone for the past 8 years. He has a great talent for picking great investments & I was very impressed with his skills of picking the markets in Jacksonville, Ocala and Southwest Florida. I have invested with him in these markets & they are investments that have performed & still are performing very well … even in this current part of the economic cycle.

I very rarely invest with partners & when I do I make sure I choose them very carefully & my partnership with Brian has been very profitable & enjoyable. He has a very high level of integrity, which as you can imagine is very important when dealing with someone on the other side of the world.

Brian introduced me to the Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding markets about 5 years ago & I have made investments there with him over this time that have done very well. I am very excited about the areas that they invest in in Jacksonville as they meet all my criteria for investments. The properties are in demand… they have good affordable rent. It would cost way more to replace one of these properties, compared to what we currently have to pay for them. They are a great deal at full price but because of Brian’s contacts, & the volume at which he is able to purchase, he is able to get them at a large discount which gives the investor the added benefit of instant equity! That is a HUGE benefit!!!

Craig Chandler

President, Pasinc Investments Inc.

I have known and worked with Brian Scrone for the last eight years. He is a talented, hard working, successful real estate investor. When I first met him, he was working to make ends meet. Through perseverance, a great partnership, and shrewd investments he is successful and still growing. His business brings integrity and commitment to doing the right thing for the people who invest with him. I would be happy to communicate further if needed.

Keith J. Cunningham

CEO and Founder, KJC Investments

I have been in real estate for over 20 years and have been the top selling agent in the greater Bakersfield, California area for over ten years. I average over 300 home sales a year and I have been named top female agent in the entire United States in the National Registry of Who’s Who in the Library of Congress.

I specialize in HUD foreclosures and bank repos and a large part of my client base is investors. By far, Brian was my largest individual investor and purchased over 200 houses through me. He is honest, dependable and a pleasure to work with. I always knew my name and efforts were in good hands with him and I was proud to be such a big part of their business. His knowledge and ability to handle high volumes of acquisitions and property management was second to none.

In fact, I was so confident in Brian, I frequently made his company short-term loans and at one time had over $600,000 of my personal money invested with him. I am pleased to say, all of my money was handled professionally and repaid in full with excellent interest returns.

Betty Byrom

Owner, People Realty

I am an Australian working in Japan, with a international role for a large Japanese organization, requiring long working hours, extensive business travel and sometimes crazy schedules and deadlines. However, I have a keen interest in investing. I have real estate investments in Australia and Japan and after being introduced to Brian Scrone through other Australian friends, I am now investing in the USA.

I wanted to take advantage of the low housing prices in the US and the drop in the US dollar, however it was very hard to get loans in the USA for anyone after the sub prime mortgage collapse, especially as a foreigner with no credit rating in the USA. Brian opened up many doors in the USA, which were closed to me before meeting them, and they helped find a loan in the USA, using the US property as collateral, which suited my specific requirements as an investor, even in these difficult lending times.

Brian introduced me to the appropriate contacts in lawyers, accountants, title companies, bankers etc and helped during the entire process of setting up a company in the states, and investing in positive geared real estate in the USA.They had access to low priced deals such as foreclosure deals, which were coming to them due to the relationships with banks and real estate companies, which they had set up during years of real estate investing.

Due to the amount of deals he does, he also have extremely good purchasing power to reduce pricing from suppliers of renovation work. This combination allows me to buy ready-to-rent properties from him, at lower prices than I could obtain myself, with limited disturbance of my busy work and travel schedule. The low price of his deals also gives me a better buffer for my investments while the USA market times are uncertain, but allows me to take advantage of the opportunities now when the market prices and the US dollar are low.

I also like that the deals make positive cash flow now, and that I have a team of people working to look after my interests in the USA, while I am living far away in Japan.

Now things are well set up and basically running themselves, however Brian injects himself into helping with tasks locally when needed, such as finding lower cost repairs for maintenance, or sorting out issues that need someone locally to help iron things out quicker, to minimize the cost to me as the investor.

I have found Brian to be a very trustworthy individual, and recommend his service especially to people who want to invest in positive geared real estate in the USA, with the low US dollar, but who have limited time to research the properties, make contacts and source the deals themselves. Apart from being very good at what they do, I have found him to be straight down the line and I believe they have a very high level of personal integrity.

A. Gibson

Who Invests With Us?

From international investors to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to busy professionals, our investors come from all walks of life.

Goal #1 – A Chance to Buy Jacksonville, Ocala and Southwest, Florida Properties

Our new and pre-construction turnkey properties provide stellar returns on cash flow alone (average 10%), but market appreciation may end up earning our investors 5x more in the long run.

Thousands of investors (not to mention some of the biggest players) have looked at their options across the country and come to the same conclusion we have: there may be cheaper markets, but for stability and return nothing beats JAX, Ocala and Southwest Florida.

Goal #2 – An Alternative Investment

Many investors have low trust for traditional investments, and they don’t like investing in tricky “financial products”, as these are tilted toward the dealers’ success – often at the expense of the individual investor. Our investors love investing with us because they know where their money is going, what it’s buying, and how it will provide a return.

This is the best alternative available to the convoluted system of risky financial products. With us you own real property, where real people with real jobs want to live and rent.

Goal #3: A stable, predictable, and strong ROI

There is no other investment where stability, predictability, and a strong ROI come together so well. By investing with us, you have the rare opportunity to profit with low risk.

Goal #4: New & Pre-Construction Investment System

Our investors are successful in other businesses and jobs. They want to plug into historic growth by investing money not time, which makes our turnkey and pre-construction investment system perfect for them. By relying on our expertise, investors benefit by allowing us to:

  1. Find and Negotiate Deals – Developing profitable relationships with great REO brokers takes time. Most REO brokers don’t even take calls from individual buyers.We buy in bulk and have excellent relationships with our REO brokers. This is how we end up landing hundreds of great deals every year.
  2. Manage the Investments – Good property management can be difficult to find. We have developed an excellent relationship with a top-quality, 2nd generation property management company and have placed over 400 properties under their care. Our investors love knowing their properties are in good hands. This can’t be overstated, as management is the make-or-break component of long-term success.

Goal #5: Lifestyle Enhancement

Each of us has our own reason for investing.

Some of our investors want to retire earlier, others want to put a child through post-secondary education, and still others want to help an aging parent. Our investors move closer to their lifestyle goals, earning second-to-none returns with only minutes of time invested each month.

It’s the perfect combination for lifestyle enhancement.