How it Works

Holistic REI provides new and pre-construction turnkey investments with expert management in place. We buy low, have solid property management and cash flow investments, and sell in a healthy sellers market to maximize growth.

Our Process is Simple:

Our investors get direct access to a world-class (and painless) process. We take care of everything for you:

  1. Our relationships the best experts and builders/developers give you access to rare deals.
  2. Our buying system brings deals to your door.
  3. Our world class property management team takes care of you for the long haul.

We built the system, you benefit.

Steps to Security

One question is (rightfully) in the back of every investor’s mind:

What if something goes wrong?

There are a lot of investment companies that will make you money as long as the market climbs and everything goes according to plan, but there are very few that make sure you succeed even if things go wrong. The best real estate investments are built-to-last, regardless of what happens in market.

We believe you deserve a fair risk/reward proposition, so we mitigate risk for you – without sacrificing ROI.

Let’s take a look at our industry leading Steps to Security:

Insurance  Inexperienced investors often make the mistake of choosing non-investment specific real estate insurance. This is a problem because standard insurance policies don’t protect investors against common investor problems like loss of rental income in case of fire, floor, or natural disaster. Most insurance agents don’t know the difference, either.

We’ve developed longstanding relationships with industry leaders in investment real estate insurance. We connect you with an insurer that knows and has done it hundreds of times.

Property Management  The majority of our properties are professionally managed by Suncoast Property Management – our property management firm of choice. Excellent property management protects our investors against tenant and maintenance troubles over the long term.

Investor Relations Manager  Suncoast has a dedicated employee to work with you throughout your entire investing experience.

Strong Economy – The only thing better than buying value is buying value in a strong economy. Jacksonville, Ocala and SW FL have some of the most diverse economies with the some of the strongest futures of anywhere in America.

Expertise – As with any business, real estate is full of land-mines for the inexperienced. Consider us your land-mine detection unit.

Skin in the Game  You'll have the opportunity to own properties in the same neighborhoods (often on the same streets) as our investments.

We mitigate risk. You rest easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order for us to take the property off the market we require a $3,000 binder deposit and signed contract within 24 hours.