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What We Do

Holistic REI provides new and pre-construction and turnkey investments with expert management in place. Our founder, Brian Scrone, and his team have a simple real estate investment system and it hasn’t changed since he started decades ago. The system is executed with remarkable consistency using a few simple steps:

  1. Select a fundamentally strong city
  2. Select a strong neighborhood
  3. Rent the property with solid management in place
  4. Collect cash
  5. Sell with appreciation

The devil is always in the details, and Brian have mastered these details during his decades of practice. Following this simple, fundamental, and effective system Brian has accomplished much.

  • Purchased over 1,000 properties with a value over $150,000,000
  • Helped over 200 investors earn steady and impressive returns
  • #1 International Best-Selling author of What Matters Most
  • Spoken on stages around the world and taught more than 20,000 real estate investors

Brian Scrone

The playgrounds of New Jersey might not seem like the ideal breeding ground for a lifetime of successful real estate investing, but this perception doesn’t bother our founder, Brian Scrone.

In fact, being an underdog has always been his biggest advantage, as it’s helped him remove ego so he could focus on reality over perception and fact over theory.

Bakersfield. It kind of reminds you of Jacksonville, doesn’t it? Neither city brings to mind a flashy image. Both are simple, hardworking, and fundamentally-sound investment cities. As Brian says,“We invest where the numbers work. We invest where real people buy real properties with real money. We buy and sell based on the fundamentals.”


20+ years of hands-on experience has taught Brian the fundamentals of real estate investing and to ignore hype. Ignoring hype has allowed Brian to purchase 1,000+ properties with a value of over $150,000,000.


When asked what he thought was the secret to their success Brian said,


We’ve always focused on our niche. A lot of investors get distracted by new investment methods and property types, but we’ve always stuck with the same system. We build and/or buy single family homes in foreclosure or distress, rehab them, then hold them long-term for cash flow and appreciation.”


That’s a lot more effort than most people are willing to invest in their work, but Brian insists it was natural to do so, “When our investors start receiving large cash-flow checks every month we get to see their happiness. We know we’re changing lives. It doesn’t feel like work.”

Brian prides himself on his investment track record, but he is also strong believer in living a balanced lifestyle. His business success doesn’t hold a candle to the things that matter most: family, education, and health. 

Business success supports the things that matter most.

And business has supported the things that matter most. Brian has been able to enjoy much family time, surf around the world, and teach thousands of real estate investors the fundamentals.

Service is another watchword for Brian. He volunteers with great organizations like Never Quit, Life Rolls On and Wounded Warrior Project.

Brian is married to Coco and is also the father to two sons, Zion and Izaiah.

Daniela Lopez Barragan

Daniela Barragan is thrilled to be a part of the Holistic Investments Team. She enjoys working with investors from around the world. Daniela has extensive project management experience serving as Senior Manager for the American Cancer Society. Prior to that she was a meteorologist and reporter for various local television news stations in North Carolina and California. She met Brian in Bakersfield,CA when Brian was first starting out his Real Estate Investment Business.

In her spare time, you can find Daniela exploring one of the many hiking trails in Southern California and keeping up with her kids activities.  Daniela and her husband have two children, Juliana and Max.  Service is important for Daniela. She is a Girl Scout Leader for her daughter's troop and serves on several non-profit boards in her community.

Property Management

Daniela works closely with our 3rd party property management company, Suncoast Property Management. They have 2100 doors under management, 50+ employees to oversee your portfolio and are headquartered right here in Jacksonville, FL with satellite offices throughout the state.

Click here to see an example of the contract we use with them.